Table 24.2.

Deposit types, lithological characteristics and the important mineralized tectonic–metallogenic belts of Myanmar

Tectonic/metallogenic beltRock type/host sequenceMetal association and deposit types
Indo-Myanmar RangesTriassic–Cretaceous–Eocene flysch with ophioliteUltramafic-related Cr, Ni, PGE, Cyprus type VHMS Cu (Au)
Inner Magmatic-Volcanic Arc (Central Magmatic Belt)Late Cretaceous–Tertiary calc-alkaline to alkaline volcanics and granitoidsPorphyry Cu–Au–Mo, epithermal Cu(Au), Au–Ag veins, sediment-hosted Au, VHMS Cu–Pb–Zn–Ag–Au
Mogok–Mandalay–Mergui BeltMogok Group: marble, garnet-sillimanite gneiss, schist and migmatite;
Mong Long Mica Schist Formation: schist and phyllite
Ruby, sapphire, jade, diamond, orogenic Au, Pb–Zn veins, Cu–Au skarns, Sn–W (vein and skarn), REE
Eastern Shan Highlands (Sibumasu)Late Proterozoic–Palaeozoic sedimentary sequence with volcanics and Mesozoic clasticsBase metals (VHMS/SEDEX/MVT/Irish Type), Sb, Sn–W (vein), epithermal Au–Ag