Table 1.

The variety of submarine landforms produced in glacial and glacimarine environments

Process environmentGlacial or glacimarine landform
SubglacialMega-scale glacial lineations
Flutes and drumlins
Ice-moulded bedrock
Hill–hole pairs
Crevasse-fill ridges
Tunnel valleys (glacifluvial)
Bedrock channels (glacifluvial)
Eskers (glacifluvial)
Cross-shelf troughs
Ice-marginalTerminal and recessional moraine ridges
Hummocky-terrain belts
Small retreat moraines
Grounding-zone wedges
Ice-proximal fans
Ice-stream lateral moraines
Trough-mouth fans
GlacimarineIceberg-keel ploughmarks
Sea-ice keel ploughmarks
Smooth basin-fill from meltwater plumes
MarineWave and current features (inc. turbidity currents)
Mass movements (inc. slides and debris flows)
Fluid-escape features
Features related to human activity