Table 14.5.

CO2 measurements performed in a dwelling located at Ribeira Seca village. Soil CO2 concentration and temperature are based on the soil surveys performed in 1999

Floor levelMeasurement siteIndoor CO2 concentration (vol%)Soil CO2 concentration (vol%)Soil temperature (°C)
7 January 19998 January 199910 January 199911 January 199915 January 1999
Ground-floor levelBathroom; sink drain20.50.10.2n.d.n.d.5–2517.5–25
Bathroom; drain of the bathtub15.50.21.1n.d.n.d.
Bathroom; air inside the bathtub3.
Bathroom; floor level0.
Bathroom; c. 90 cm above the floorn.d.n.d.
  • Based on data from Ferreira et al. (1999) and Ferreira (2000).