Table 14.3.

Indoor CO2 measurements performed in houses located in different diffuse degassing areas inside Furnas Caldera

ReferenceMeasurement siteMaximum indoor CO2 concentration (vol%)Soil CO2 concentration (vol%)Soil CO2 flux (g m−2 day−1)Soil temperature (°C)Reference
ADwelling. Ground-floor level15.55–251000–750030–50Viveiros et al. (2005)
BDwelling. Basement level6.05–251000–7500<17.5Silva (2006)
CDwelling. Ground-floor level1.1<1.5<2517.5–25Viveiros et al. (2008)
DDwelling. Ground-floor level20.825–501000–750017.5–25Viveiros et al. (2009a)
EShelter. Basement level19.61.5–5500–100017.5–25Viveiros (2010)
  • Soil CO2 concentration and temperature according to the work of Sousa (2003) and soil CO2 flux values based on Viveiros et al. (2010).