Table 14.4.

Indoor CO2 measurements in a dwelling located at Mosteiros village

Floor levelMeasurement siteIndoor CO2 concentration (vol%)Soil CO2 concentration (vol%)Soil temperature (°C)
22 March 200623 March 2006
Ground-floor levelGarage; floor level0.610.35–2517–18
Ground-floor levelGarage; 1 m above floorn.d.10.2
Ground-floor levelSmall room; floor level0.17.0
First FloorBedroom; floor level0.17.7
First FloorBedroom; bed level0.17.0
Ground-floor levelDining-room; floor level0.18.1
Ground-floor levelBathroom; 1 m above the floor0.20.5
Ground-floor levelBathroom; drain of the bathtub9.520.9
  • Modified from Viveiros et al. (2006). Soil CO2 concentration and temperature are based on this work.