Table 2.1.

Kingston et al.’s (1983a, b) classification scheme as modified by Mitchell & Reading (1986) and Einsele (2000), with synonyms of the main basin types

Basin categorySynonyms
Continental interior sag basinsEpicontinental basins
Intracratonic basins
Continental interior fracture basinsGrabens, rift valleys
Passive continental marginsMargin sags
Oceanic sag basinsNascent ocean basins
Subduction-related basinsDeep sea trenches
Forearc basins
Back-arc basins
Interarc basins
Collision-related basinsRemnant basins
Foreland basins (peripheral)
Retro-arc basins (intramontane)
Broken foreland basins
Terrane-related basins (oceanic)
Strike-slip/wrench basinsPull-apart basins (transtensional)
Transpressional basins