Table 11.2.

Proterozoic events stratigraphy of the Bastar Craton and the adjacent supracrustal blocks

Time (Ma)Event and age in Ma (reference)
500–800Thrusting of the Eastern Ghats over Bastar Craton
800–1000Eastern Ghat orogeny at the eastern margin of the cratonLow-intensity deformation of the Sausar Group (SD3); thermal imprints on Sausar amphibolite 834±21, 929±85 (A-1); 830±90, 847±65, (A-2); metamorphic overprint on Sausar metasediments c. 950 (A-3); Bhandara granulite 800±171, 967±72, 973±63 (A-1)Betul granite II (Navegaon) 850±15 (A-4)
1000–1075Low-intensity deformation of the Sausar Group (SD3); thermal imprints on Sausar amphibolite 1009±18 (A-1)
Deposition of the Raipur Group
1075–1200Dolerite dykes in Sausar Group 1116±58, 1112±77 (A-2); expansive granite intrusion Nainpur–Lalbara (Mandla) granite 1147±16 (A-5)
Deposition of the Chandarpur Group
1200–1400Dolerite dyke (intruding the Abujhmar Group) 1229–1259 (A-6); decompression (intrusion of gabbro) in BBG 1422±104 (A-1)
1400–1450Thermal resetting ages of mafic granulites of the Bhandara craton 1403±99, 1407±11, 1408±81, 1416±59 (A-2); 1450±9 (1437–1501) (A-7); terminal metamorphic event of the Sausar Group 1415±23 (A-8); Tirodi gneiss IV 1454±5 (A-9); Amgaon gneiss (thermal resetting) 1450±50 (A-10); Dongargarh granite (thermal imprint) 1460±60 (A-14); diabase intrusion into the Singhora Group c. 1420
1450–1500Deposition of the Singhora Group
1500–1600SD2b deformation, amphibolite facies metamorphism 1525±70 (A-11); Sausar granulite 1553±19; 1569±15, 1577±89 (A-9), metamorphic overprint on Tirodi gneiss 1534±15 (A-9), 1584±17 (A-12), 1572±7 (A-12); spot chemical ages of monazite rims in BBG 1525±13 (A-7); 1582±13; 1603±12 (A-13); UHT; M4 overgrowth of monazite 1238–1654 (A-7)Betul granite I (Morkha) 1550±50 (A-4)
1600–1750Tirodi gneiss III 1603±23, 1618±8 (A-12)
1750–1850Mafic dyke (BD2) of Bastar 1776±13 (A-15)Satpura Orogeny (MD2); SD2a; Spot chemical ages of monazite cores in BBG 1794±44 (A-13)
1850–1900Mafic dykes of Bastar (BD2) 1883±2; 1891±1 (A-16)
1900–1950Post-SD1 Harda granite 1856±68 (A-17)
1950–2000Sausar Orogeny II
2000–2030SD1b deformation; M1 UHT EPMA age of monazite rim in felsic granulite 2299–1924, average 2040±17 (A-7); monazite core 1995–2104, average 2048±14 (A-7)
2030–2100Deposition of the Chilpi Group: conglomerate, slate, quartzite, greywacke and limestoneHigh-Mg mafic dyke of Bastar 2100±11 (A-18)
2100–2250Sausar Orogeny I (amalgamation of NIB and SIB): SD1a deformation and migmatization; Tirodi gneiss II 2106 Ma (A-19); Bastar granite 2095±118 (A-20); Paliam–Darba granite 2275±80 (A-21); Burugum granite 2237±70 (A-21); Amgaon gneiss (thermal imprint) 2170±60 (A-10); Bijli rhyolite (thermal imprint) 2180±25 (A-10); Dongargarh granite 2270±90 (2222) (A-10); Malanjkhand granite II 2243±217; 2106±102 (A-22); Malanjkhand pink granite 2199±178 (A-22); Abujhmar metalava (thermal imprint) 2217±38 (A-23); BBG monazite 1958–2208, average 2086±16 (A-7); 1970–2177, average 2089±14 (A-7)
2250–2400Deposition of the Sausar Group: siliciclastics, volcanics, glacial diamictite, carbonate, Mn-bearing clasticsJuvenile source of Tirodi gneiss (?) TDM (Hf) age of 2379 (A-24); TDM (Sm–Nd) 2118–2503 (A-25)
2400–2600Amgaon gneiss 2378±17; 2432±5 (A-9); 2549 (A-19); Tirodi gneiss I 2325–2494 (A-19); Dongargarh granite 2465±22 (A-26); Malanjkhand Grey gneiss 2405±63 (A-22), Malanjkhand granite I 2467±38 (A-22), 2478±9, 2477±10 (A-27); 2490±8 (A-28); Markampara granite 2480±3 (A-29)Abujhmar/Sonakhan Group (auriferous): Coarse clastics, volcanics, and BIFMaspur Trap 2490±48 (A-31); Bijli rhyolite 2503±35 (A-30)
2600–2700Bailadila Orogeny: Katekalyan migmatite (Bengpal) 2530±89 (A-17); migmatization of basement gneisses and granulite metamorphism 2672±54 (A-2); Amgaon gneiss 2709, 2862, 2974 (A-19)
2700–2900Bailadila/Sakoli Group: coarse clastics, volcanics, and BIF
2900–3050Mafic dykes (amphibolite)
3050–3200Amgaon gneiss 3072, 3106, 3396 (A-19); Sukma granite III (Ambhibole/Biotite granite) 3018±61 (A-32)
3200–3350Amgaon/Bengpal Orogeny; granulite metamorphismJuvenile source of Tirodi gneiss I 3218 TDM (Hf) model age of (range 3051–3630) (A-24)
3350–3500Bengpal/Amgaon Group: fine clastics, BIF, dolomite, volcanics, coarse clastics
Sukma granite II (K-rich) 3509±14 (A-29)
>3500Sukma gneiss: Sukma granite I (TTG); high-grade gneisses 3561±11 (A-33); 3585±10; 3582±4 (A-34); Markampura TTG gneiss 3511±155 (A-35)
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