Table 11.2.

Recent EDM sites on Montserrat

IDNameLocation (WGS84)DateDescription
EDBRBroderick's Yard62.2089°W, 16.6929°N19 November 2009Survey benchmark (same as BROD eGPS benchmark)
EDGHSt George's Hill62.2079°W, 16.7228°NSurvey benchmark
EDGMLower Gages Mountain62.1847°W, 16.7176°N10 November 2010Triple prism reflector only (cemented post)
EDJHJack Boy Hill62.1698°W, 16.7673°NSurvey benchmark
EDLYLee's Yard62.1904°W, 16.7212°NSingle prism reflector only (cemented post)
EDM2MVO Helipad62.2126°W, 16.7486°NSurvey benchmark (same as MVO2 eGPS benchmark)
(EDSP)Spanish Point62.1529°W, 16.7523°N2 December 2004Survey benchmark and single prism reflector (large boulder)
(February 2010)Destroyed and buried
EDUFUpper Farrell's Plain62.1808°W, 16.7193°N10 March 2011Triple prism reflector (large boulder)
EDWRNorth White River62.1841°W, 16.6999°N9 June 2010Single prism and triple prism reflectors (cemented post)
  • Earlier EDM network stations were documented by Jackson et al. (1998). Stations that have been destroyed or otherwise decommissioned appear in parentheses (the end date, where available, is also in parentheses).