Table 11.7.

Minimum/maximum tolerable parameter values determined using scaled probabilistic thresholds of χ2

Model (%<χ102)Depth (min/max)(km)East(km)North(km)Pressure(MPa)Radius/e(km/n.a.)Min χ2102)
Spherical (2.8%)7/15−2/+1−2/07/301*125 (171)
Ellipsoidal (1.1%)7/14−2/+1−1/+18/300.5/10118 (162)
Double spherical (5.6%)100 (137)
  • For each case, the percentage of models selected from the refined parameter space that are statistically acceptable is given in brackets in the first column. The minimum and threshold χ2 values are given in the last column.

  • *Denotes fixed parameter values. Lateral offsets referenced as in Table 11.6.