Table 11.5.

List of gravimeter make and model ID (Model), benchmark identifiers (BMID), benchmark coordinates, and measurement protocols of continuous and episodic (in italics) observations made on Montserrat between 2006 and 2009

BMIDNameLocation (WGS84)Date(s)Equipment/mode
PLMPalm Loop62.2088°W, 16.7570°N21 June 2006–5 July 2006LaCoste & Romberg D41 at 1 Hz
MVOMVO Flemmings62.2293°W, 16.7662°N25 June 2006–26 June 2006LaCoste & Romberg D41 at 1 Hz
15 June 2007–18 July 2007Burris B28 at 0.1 Hz
OLVOlveston62.2276°W, 16.7515°N19 June 2007–26 July 2007Burris B28 at 0.1 Hz
SLVLime Kiln62.2279°W, 16.7491°N7 July 2008–1 March 2009Burris B28 at 0.1 Hz
Mobile gravimeters21 June 2006–16 September 2008LaCoste & Romberg G667
9 April 2011–16 November 2011Scintrex CG5
CRSBCarrs Bay62.2090°W, 16.7954°N
STPTSt Peter's62.2125°W, 16.7761°N
GRBDGaribaldi62.2270°W, 16.7368°N
JBYHJack Boy Hill62.1695°W, 16.7673°N
MNGHMongo Hill62.1937°W, 16.7746°N
MVO2MVO Flemmings62.2128°W, 16.7486°N
BASEBlakes/Statue Rock62.1778°W, 16.7802°N
STGHSt George's Hill62.2050°W, 16.7228°N
(SLVH)Silver Hills (-2007)62.1951°W, 16.7993°N
SLV2Silver Hills (2008-)62.1979°W, 16.7938°N
MFLDMayfield Estate62.2260°W,16.7563°N
  • SLVH (in parentheses) was destroyed.