Table 26.3.

Locations of essential service sectors in 1995 and their locations in 2010

Essential service sectorLocation in 1995Location in 2010
Hospital (Old Glendon and New Glendon)PlymouthSt Johns
ClinicsHarris, Molyneaux, Kinsale, Cork Hill, Long Ground, Bethel, St Patricks, Plymouth, Salem, St Peters, Cudjoe Head, St Johns (Wason 1994)Salem, St Peters, Cudjoe Head, St Johns
Power Station, Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL)PlymouthBrades
Water and wastewater, Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL)PlymouthSweeneys
Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO)Plymouth (Aspinall et al. 2002)Flemmings
ZJB RadioPlymouthSweeneys
Schools (St Augustine, Salem Secondary)PlymouthWoodlands, Salem
Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA)PlymouthSt Johns
Public Works Department (PWD)PlymouthWoodlands
Fire, Search and Rescue Department (Fire Department)PlymouthBrades
Governor's OfficePlymouthBrades
Ministry of AgriculturePlymouthBrades
Agricultural areasThe South and the Central Corridor (from Weekes to Farm)Upper Blakes and Dick Hill, Duck Pond (GoM 2011)
Montserrat Technical CollegePlymouthn/a (Community College at Salem)
Police HeadquartersPlymouthBrades
Prison and courtsPlymouthBrades
Bulk fuel storesPlymouthCarrs Bay (GoM 2011)
PortPlymouthLittle Bay
MarketPlymouthLittle Bay
Banks (Royal Bank of Canada, Barclays Bank)PlymouthBank of Canada at Brades (Barclays Bank n/a)
  • Unless otherwise indicated, information on essential service locations in 1995 is derived from the Montserrat Tourist Board (1983) Tourist Map of Montserrat: emerald isle of the Caribbean. Unmapped locations were sought from participants during interviews.