Table 26.4.

Implementation and completion dates of some of the infrastructure projects that were undertaken between 2000 and 2010

Projects implementedImplementation periodCompletionSource
Emergency jetty at Little Bay19971997Clay et al. (1999)
Temporary Government Headquarters at Brades19971999Clay et al. (1999)
Improved nursery, primary and secondary education facilities1998–20021998–2002GoM (2003)
Re-establishment of hospital and clinics1998–20021998–2002 (hospital completed by 1999)GoM (2003), Clay et al. (1999)
Ferry and helicopter services implemented19971997GoM (2003), Clay et al. (1999)
Road construction programme in the north1998–20021998–2002GoM (2003)
Brades Police Headquarters20012002GoM (2002), GoM (2003)
Brades Fire Station20012002GoM (2002), GoM (2003)
Expansion of St Johns Health Centre20012003GoM (2002), GoM (2004)
MVO building20012003*GoM (2002), *interview
Hospital operating theatre (St Johns)20022003GoM (2002), GoM (2004)
Office of the Chief Minister, Development Unit and Ministry of Finance2003GoM (2004)
Renovation of St Peters Health Centre20022004GoM (2002), GoM (2005)
Montserrat Community College20022004GoM (2002), GoM (2005)
Hospital mortuary (St Johns)20032004GoM (2004), GoM (2005)
Montserrat Port Authority Landside Development20022004GoM (2002), GoM (2004)
Prison20032004–2005*GoM (2004), *interview
John A. Osborne Airport20022005GoM (2002), GoM (2010)
Cultural centre2006GoM (2010)
  • These include only the projects that are listed in available Government of Montserrat (GoM) documents, and literature. This is not, therefore, a complete summary of infrastructure projects undertaken on Montserrat during this period.