Table 11.3.

List of tiltmeter installations at SHV

IDNameLocation (WGS84)DateDescription
(CP1)Chances Peak 162.1804°W, 16.7093°NDecember 1996Borehole tiltmeter
(CP2)Chances Peak 262.1818°W, 16.7090°N18 May 1997Borehole tiltmeter, y-axis positive at 272°
(31 May 1997)
(CP3)Chances Peak 362.1804°W, 16.7093°N22 May 1997Borehole tiltmeter, x-axis positive at 099°
(30 August 1997)
  • Stations that have been destroyed or otherwise decommissioned appear in parentheses (the end date, where available, is also in parentheses). Failed tiltmeter installation sites are not listed.