Table 25.1.

Ordovician radiolarian collections, their age, geographical location and lithofacies of the fossil-bearing rocks

Collection/publicationTime sliceAgeBasis for ageGeographical areaLithology
1. Kozur et al. (1996)1aLate TremadocianConodontsWindfall Formation (Nevada)Black shales and silty limestones
2a. Won et al. (2005)1a–1bLate TremadocianConodontsCow Group (Western Newfoundland)Lime mudstone
2b. Won et al. (2007)1b–1cMid TremadocianConodontsCow Group (Western Newfoundland)Lime mudstone
2c. Won & Iams (2011)2aLate FloianConodontsCow Group (Western Newfoundland)Lime mudstone
3. Aitchison et al. (1998)2aLate FloianRadiolariaNew Port Complex (Newfoundland)Radiolarian chert
4. Danelian & Popov (2003)2a–2bFloianConodontsKazakhstanLimestones
5a. Maletz & Bruton (2005)2cLate FloianGraptolitesSpitsbergenBlack limestones and shales
5b. Maletz & Bruton (2007)2c–3aLate Floian–early DapingianGraptolitesSpitsbergenBlack limestones and shales
6. Aitchison (1998)Late Floian–early Dapingian?Ballantrae Complex (Scotland)Radiolarian chert
7. Maletz (2007b)3a–3bDapingianGraptolitesCow Head (Western Newfoundland)Limestone
8. Fortey & Holdsworth (1971), Maletz & Bruton (2008)4a–4bDarriwilianGraptolitesSpitsbergenLimestone
9. Hinde (1890), Danelian & Clarkson (1998), Danelian (1999), Danelian & Floyd (2001)4c–5bLate Darriwilian–early SandbianConodonts, RadiolariaSouthern Uplands (Scotland)Radiolarian chert
10. Nazarov & Popov (1980)4b–4cLate DarriwilianGraptolitesKazakhstanLimestone
11. Buckman & Aitchison (2001)4cLate DarriwilianConodontsKekesayi Terrane, Xinjian (China)Radiolarian chert
12. Maletz et al. (2009)4a–4bEarly DarriwilianConodontsArgentinaLimestone
13. Wang (1993)4c–5aLate Darriwilian–early SandbianGraptolitesChinaLimestone
14. Renz (1990b)4b–4cMid–late DarriwilianBrachiopods, Conodonts, GraptolitesNewfoundlandNodular limestone
15. Li (1995)Late Darriwilian or youngerRadiolariaQilian Mountains (China)Yellow-green cherts in a mélange
16a. Goto & Ishiga (1991); Goto et al. (1992); Umeda et al. (1992)5a–6cLate OrdovicianRadiolariaLachlan Fold Belt (SE Australia)Black siliceous mudstones and cherts
16b. Iwata et al. (1995)5a–5c?Sandbian–early Katian?ConodontsBallast Formation, Lachlan Fold Belt (SE Australia)Siliceous mudstones
17. Webby & Blom (1986), Noble & Webby (2009)5d–6aKatianGraptolites, conodontsNew South Wales (Australia)Limestone Carbonate/graptolitic shale
18. Dunham & Murphy (1976), Renz (1990a)6aLate KatianGraptolitesHanson Creek Formation, Eureka County (Nevada)Calcareous concretion in carbonate/graptolitic shale
19. Nazarov & Popov (1980)6bLate KatianGraptolitesKazakhstanDark-grey micritic limestones